butterflyMeditation Circles / Walks

  1. Spirit Journey
  2. Vision Walk
  3. Celestial Vision
  4. Medicine Vision


leafCeremonial Sweat lodge

  1. Willow Sweat lodge
  2. Dine Sweat lodge
  3. Medicine Lodge

lifesaverWarrior Weekends

earth Survival Training: Blackout Survival

recycle Sacred Geography Healing

1. Journey to Vortex’s
2. Road trip to Holy Places

windmillEarth Lodge

  1. Herbal Bath only
  2. Hot Stones


Additional Holistic Offerings:

  1. Dine’ Body Work
  2. Ceremonies with Tobacco
  3. Herbal Bath
  4. High Energy Healing
  5. Fire Ceremony
  6. Remote Work & Healing

*Application of herbal medicine by eating & tea form

All Ceremonies are done with Fire code.

Reconnect with your natural self and be one with the Environment