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Butterfly Mesa

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Welcome to Butterfly Mesa, a Holistic Service Retreat in Arizona

Butterfly Mesa, at 6500 feet elevation, is located north east of Flagstaff, Arizona, by the Navajo Nation border. This volcanic, juniper woodland along the San Francisco wash is the home of Sam and Lisa Tso. This area is rich with petroglyphs, ruins and lots of wildlife. It serves as a scenic backdrop for Sam’s healing work and ceremonies, as well as his classes, workshops and healing circles.

The Butterfly Mesa Holistic Healing Program was developed by Navajo Medicine man Sam Tso and his wife Lisa Tso. The mission of Butterfly Mesa is to provide a cohesive setting apart from civilization in order to reconnect with our natural selves and to be one with the environment, while learning how to work with the elements, energy and nature, in the Dine’ way.  It is a quiet sanctuary for ceremony and individual healing as well.

Butterfly Mesa programs are more than just a place.  Sam and Lisa travel the United States bringing the ancient traditions to all, sharing stories, circles, education and healing work. Our body mind and spirit are under constant attack. Our bodies are being assaulted by noise and light pollution, vibrations and massive EMFs, air and dust pollution, chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and more…

Sam Tso is a member of the Medicine Society. At age 4, he was made to stay in the Hogan when visitors came, he listened to their stories and heard their prayers. He learned the healing ways of his family through the sacred songs and prayers. Sam knows the sweat lodge healing songs, the herbal teas and body wraps, all these having their own songs and prayers. He grew up with his aunt an Herbalist and he  took care of his uncle, who was a paraplegic and storyteller who’s stories are considered rare and seldom heard. He is an active participant in his family’s ceremonial life and continues his learning from Elders still living.

In his adult life, he was chosen by the Elders to be their interpreter, because they said, “he makes our words sound beautiful.” He has traveled the country and been the voice at the United Nation, Congress, 9th circuit court during the Relocation.

In 1986, he met his wife Lisa. Lisa, came to Big Mountain with the Great Peace March to help the Elders. Lisa, also comes from a family of healers, herbalists and clairvoyants. Her father, a musician, spent a lot of time on the road, where Lisa’s mother homeschooled her as they camped around the country. This gave Lisa great camp skills.

Lisa Tso is an Army veteran, military police. Her survivor skills support both urban & wilderness techniques.  Lisa is also a card reader. She does totem animal cards and honors her Nordic ancestry using Runes. She works in person as well as phone and skype readings.

These days, Sam needs to stay close to home, to cultivate seeds and wild harvesting, as well as tending to his Elders. The Butterfly Mesa programs were created to offer rare and authentic Native American experiences for all.

When possible, Sam and Lisa travel across the country  to share wisdom and healing with fire circles, private consultations, and classes. Sam and Lisa invite you to join them.  We will provide a safe camp, with shelter, bedding, food and water.  We will share our knowledge and experience. We will bring you to Holy and Sacred places, and we bring Ancient Wisdom to you.  All of Mother Earth is sacred. Butterfly Mesa is a Holistic Healing Experience for All relations of the human race.